Japan Buyer’s Agent Consortium NPO
Annual rate plan(tax included)

Utilization of vacant houses. Inheritance of buying and selling, transfer, inheritance, etc. Environmental improvement such as disaster prevention, goodwill, and barrier-free. It is an NPO that deepens learning by sharing issues at study sessions and seminars among members, mainly online, such as migration, living style, working style, relationships with foreigners living in Japan, thinking about local and global. We aim to develop into an NPO that can embody the "I want to do this" of foreigners living in Japan and the next generation of young people.

Supporting Member

  • Facebook page
  • Online study session
  • Members-only consultation

  • First year, admission fee 5,000 yen

Regular member

  • Hosting an online study session
  • Sharing activity results
  • There will be activity costs

  • First year, admission fee 5,000 yen

Corporate member

  • Hosting an online study session
  • Online event for corporate PR
  • Cooperation between groups

  • First year, admission fee 50,000 yen